Is the “streaming war” over?

Some time ago, the so-called Streaming War was on full blast. Big streamers suddenly had exclusivity contracts and moved to different platforms. All of that moving around seems to have calmed down a bit, so… Where should you stream now?

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How to decide where you should stream

Every website has their own pros and cons. Making a decision might be hard, since you have to think about a lot before you make your call on what platform you’d want to stream. Are you going to play games or just chat? Are more personality based or more of a professional in your area of expertise? Do you use…

Honestly? Yeah, you probably should.

Cancel culture is a rising online trend. Is it a toxic mob mentality or a way of speaking and revealing truth to power? That’s more of a personal view and let me start by saying I respect your opinion on that (honestly, please, don’t cancel me).

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Fact is that these days; a single tweet could end your entire carreer, make you lose all your friends and have a ton of people online harassing you (and if you’re really unlucky, they even get after you in real life).

Cancel culture is really aggressive and it seems to get harder and harder…

Quentin Debode

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